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Text Box: Dan Willis is available to review plans and provide  an initial analysis at no obligation. Should you choose Dan Willis to construct your new home, or complete your renovation or addition, Dan Willis can assist in the development of plans.  A contract can be structured suitable to your needs and desires.  Dan Willis undertakes no more than one or two major projects at a time in an effort to control  cost and  quality.  Both cost control and quality are a builder's obligation and can only be assured through personal supervision on the job site daily.  Dan Willis believes that communication is all important, personally answers his phone and returns all calls promptly.  Dan Willis is a team player, who is competent and dependable, and enjoys an excellent reputation among architects, designers, realtors, bankers, codes officials and clients alike.



















Text Box: Dan Willis is available at an hourly rate as a consultant.   Typically, services include determination of feasibility, compatibility or suitability for a specific house as it applies to an individual lot; how a site can be used to achieve the end result desired; or working with a client to select and secure the appropriate craftsman to complete a specific part of a project.  Additionally, assistance can be provided in solving a particular vexing problem with a property or looking at  change and its effects to the property.  Dan Willis is available to manage all or parts of a project according to the individual client's needs.   Call (615-482-5949) or email (dhwillis@bellsouth.net) for timely assistance.  
Dan Willis is also available to provide expert testimony.

Text Box: Dan Willis has designed or assisted in the design prior to building many of the homes shown in these pages.  A homeowner's specific ideas can be incorporated into workable plans in a joint effort with the builder.  Many of the plans for the homes herein can be readily modified to meet individual needs.  Most additions require adjustments during the process of construction and Dan Willis will accommodate changes.  
Real Estate Services

Text Box: Dan Willis is a long-standing real estate broker experienced in both residential and commercial real estate.  Lot acquisition is a specialty as is selection of properties suitable for expansion and renovation.  Additionally, Dan Willis has a background in dealing with options, easements and leases.





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